Product development from Unicon leather


The product development strategy involves developing new products or services for your existing markets. This strategy requires continuous research & development as well as the ongoing assessment of customer needs.


Product development and design strategy:     Unicon leather always believe a product development based on research and development. the use of new technologies, processes, and materials that would be needed to pursue this strategy.


teamwork plays a very important role in any new product development strategy. Unicon leather has a separate product development house in the factory where the company hires new talent in which the company prefers new designer, pattern maker, sample man, and many other technicians. those are working under a team and those people always give good output.


product development process: Unicon leather product development process is very simple. the company always follow the client instruction. the company follows all the design provided by the client. the company provides the same replicate as per client requirement.

unicon India was established since 1980. firstly the company was a tanner they were producing leather in a tannery and marketing in domestic and international. the company had been a lot of experience of leather producing the company produced a different kind of leather stuff. which had been 100% chrome-free. the company also produce vegetable tanned leather for our customer. after gaining lots of experience of leather producing then the company move in the manufacturing sector.


the company first product was a leather bag and after that company did a lot of thing in the manufacturing sector like the leather bag, leather wallet, leather handcrafted. It means never mistaking fastest or cheapest with the best. It means always using the best thing for producing leather in addition to the manufacturing of the best products.


Unicon India offers an unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, responsiveness, and innovation. Through the years, we have cultivated our experience to offer dynamic lines of leather products. Our products include leather bags, leather wallet, industrial leather gloves, and leather handicraft.